24h escape to the South of Crete in Paleochora

My journal

It all happened mid week, 75 min away in less than 24hours in September.

Paleohora in the South of Crete is our favourite destination “get-away”.  Amazing beaches, great food and family atmosphere.

And all that can be arranged within one stop. Just drive up to the “Palm Tree” and you are done. Perrakis family takes care of the rest. Rooms, food and tones of smiles.

We have always loved hanging out there from our single days up to now as a family. Andreas, one of the three brothers has been a buddy of mine since my cycling days and now we both enjoy time together as dads.

If that ain’t proof of friendship longevity I don’t know what to compare that with.

DSC05012 On the beach Gialiskari Paleochora On the beach Gialiskari Paleochora On the beach Gialiskari Paleochora Gialiskari beach Paleochora On the way to Paleochra DSC05116 Pall Tree Paleochora Crete Pall Tree Paleochora Crete With Andreas Drinking beer Senset in Paleochora Pall Tree Paleochora Crete Pall Tree Paleochora Crete


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