Couples portrait session from the beach up to the mountains of Chania Crete, Greece

lifestyle portraits

One of the magnificent beauties of Crete is that one minute you can be sunbathed by the Mediterranean Sea and within a 20-30min drive you can be in a mountainous range enjoying a walk in the woods. And you can then cuddle by a fireplace with a home cooked meal.


This is how I spent the day with Natasa and George. Both working hard during the Summer season at Alcanea Boutique Hotel and now, in the off season, enjoy the nature Crete has to offer.


By the water we even found a boat named George with the sun beating down on us. Despite being mid December. The water reflected the sunrays and reminded us of the Summer that wasn’t that far back nor that far away.

Afterwards as I mentioned we drove for around 30min into the mountains to Mila Mountain Retreat. Not just rooms to stay at but an idea in itself. Situated in the hills above Kissamos on the way to the popular beach of Elafonisi it is a step back into relaxation. Your thoughts and heartbeat slowdown and nature takes over.

George Natasa and I walked on some of the trails around Milia and came across fall foliage, a tractor, chickens, goats, ducks, some ruins and a small river.


An ideal setting for the couple to relax, close their eyes and enjoy their true love.

And best part of a long day in nature is some slow food made with extra local care at the restaurant of Mila Mountain Retreat.

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