Our little Penelope


There come times in life when you just gotta break the rules. For years now I try not to mix my family with work. Recently though I have been experiencing new heights of picture taking due to my newborn little girl Penelope.

Because of her I have changed the way I view life and have become even more sensitive to my subjects.


What I wanted to share with everyone is the joy of newborn photo sessions via my own baby. In Greece it isn’t as popular as in the States for example, but I have hope that people will accept me into their homes before their child turn 40 days old.

Not an easy obstacle to tackle, but doable.  I am so happy at this point in my life and this photo shoot proves the reason why.


I would like to thank Tonia Mpakousi for here styling and Babyly Hills for some of the accessories.


And of course my wife and now mother, Anna.

Peggy Bebb 13:49 September 11, 2012 Reply
The most beautiful little angel on Crete. Oh my goodness, she is amazingly adorable and of course, you have captured her perfectly. Welcome to parenthood Andreas and Anna.... hang on, it is going to be one wild ride, but worth every moment of it.
admin 14:00 September 11, 2012 Reply
Thank you Peggy. By the way did you notice the outfit you bought her. :)
CRISS 16:34 September 11, 2012 Reply
Art under Love services!
    admin 17:29 September 11, 2012 Reply
    And with extra special care :)

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