Christmas tree reflection

A fashionable Christmas walk around town.


Seasons greeting from Chania Crete, Greece.

I wanted to send out some wishes while walking around town with Chrysanthi in a stunning outfit from Xamam, philosophy to wear.

Chrysanthi, a natural beauty, wears the high fashion Greek outfits with grace and charm at the same time. Having modeled in the past she had the professional courage to withstand the low temperatures and rain of the photo shoot.

By the way, on Crete 12C is considered a very cold day. And don’t hate for it. I know some of you live in warmer climates….


Our city decorated isn’t like NYC or London, but still has a couple of festive corners.

Happy holidays everyone.



Photos: Andreas Markakis

Model: Chrysanthi

Photo assistant: Agie


Outfit provided by: Xamam, philosophy to wear.

Styling by: Katerina Garofalaki

Dress: Stelios Koudounaris

Black top: Ioanna Kourbela

Shoes: Sandali

Leather accessories: Iro Garofalaki, Hellenic Inspirations 


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Chania Crete fashion photographer

Chania Crete fashion photographer Chania Crete fashion photographer


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