A photographic walk around the Acropolis in Athens Greece.


This past Summer I photographed the wedding of my friends Christo and Eleni in Chania Crete Greece.

On the same day they baptized their little boy Dimitri.

The unfortunate part of the whole day was that Dimittri go bitten by a bug the night before and had his hansom face swollen throughout he day.

So I decided one day to make it up to the champ. The family live in Athens so we never had a everyday chance to meet up and have me photograph Dimitri.


A few weeks ago I was on a business trip in Athens and finally had an opportunity keep my promise.


I wanted to photograph Dimitri with a new approach I am trying.

It’s a photo session just like I photograph my own daughter. Simply hanging around, with just one camera, no assistants and fancy lighting or big modifiers. Things that can sometimes get in the way and cause me to lose a moment.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love and need all the equipment I usually use, but when I “slim down” like this I better focus on my subject.

An kids tend to respond better a lot sooner too.


It’s like having me for “A day in your life”

Here you can view the wedding and baptism







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